Miss Pixie Store Opening Photos

Hey Guys it photo time!

On Friday the 13th of July we officially opened the new Miss Pixie Store!

The store is located Shop 105 Adelaide ArcadeAdelaideSA.

Here are some photo’s of the store just before opening!

More photo’s to come when the actual signage are done!

Also a big thank you goes to Cupcake Treats for the wonderful cupcakes and cake pops and Two Bit Villians for doing some amazing deals for our opening!

Necomimi Now Available



That’s right guys!

Please contact Misspixie@misspixie.com.au in regards to availability



What are Necomimi?

Necomimi are motorised cat ears powered by your brain waves.

Yes that right your brainwaves!

How do they work?


• Move the ears with your emotions.
• Choose ears that fit your style.
• Based on safe brainwave tech.
• Easy to wear and simple to use.


• 4 AAA batteries (not included)
• Ages 14+
• 10 oz.
• Conceived in Tokyo
• Designed in Silicon Valley




Necomimi in use