Necomimi Now Available



That’s right guys!

Please contact in regards to availability



What are Necomimi?

Necomimi are motorised cat ears powered by your brain waves.

Yes that right your brainwaves!

How do they work?


• Move the ears with your emotions.
• Choose ears that fit your style.
• Based on safe brainwave tech.
• Easy to wear and simple to use.


• 4 AAA batteries (not included)
• Ages 14+
• 10 oz.
• Conceived in Tokyo
• Designed in Silicon Valley




Necomimi in use



  1. Haru-nyan says:

    how much is the neco mimi?
    Im really thinking about buying a pair, I just need to know how much to save up :D

  2. Janie Revie says:


    Just wondering if you have any of these amazing necomimi available to buy?

    Can’t wait for your reply,



    • Hi Janie,
      I do have a few sets available at the moment. If you’re in Adelaide you are welcome to come into the store (upstairs in Adelaide Arcade) and try a pair on.
      I can do postal order, but would prefer to wait until the next batch of Necomimi are released to post outside of Adelaide, as some of this batch have a manufacturing defect (being the first production run), I’m happy swap them if they are affected by the defect, but it adds extra hassle if they need to be posted back and forth is all.
      If you have any more questions you are welcome to contact me via email
      Mel – Miss Pixie

  3. Sean Milligan says:

    Hey, how much are the sets?
    At supanova brisbane they were $139 but I didn’t have the money then. Also do you do postage and if so how much?

    • Hi there!

      Yes we still have some Necomimi available at that price.

      You can find then on our webstore here

      The postage on a set of Necomimi starts at around $15 but changes based on were you are.

      You can also pick up a second set of ear covers for $20 and pay no extra shipping!

      Thanks for the comment
      Miss Jeneara

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