June 2014 Update

A lot has happened since my last update – I really am terrible at websites.

The shop is now at number 123 Balcony Level, Adelaide Arcade (opposite Two-bit Villains)

I’m no longer stocking Necomimi brainwave cat ears.  Unfortunately Necomimi are not economically viable for me at this time. I may stock them again in the future, but have no immediate plans. I’m currently out of back-up stock, but am working to get some more for any warranty related issues.

You can now follow Miss Pixie on Instagram!
or search for @becausefunisawesome

Miss Pixie now serves as the shop-front HQ for ALASS (Adelaide Live Action Swords & Sorcery), Adelaide’s own battlesport group. While Miss Pixie and ALASS are two very separate businesses, you can find information, purchase LARP weapons and game passes at Miss Pixie – Please note at this time all ALASS transactions are cash only.
For more information about ALASS please checkout www.facebook.com/AdelaideLiveActionSwordsandSorcery or http://www.alass.com.au/

I’ve taken a bit of a break from big conventions this year, you will find me at AVCon in July and SMASH in August. I’ll most likely hit the road for Supanova and Oz Comic Con again in 2015.

On a personal note, I had surgery on both knees in November last year, so if you see me limping don’t stress, I’m slowly recovering.


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